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Library Catalog--Destiny and Ebooks
To access our library catalog click on: Destiny Discover.  
Teachers and students can log in with their regular computer login and password.  Teachers need to go to Destiny Back Office to have more search capability.
To access MackinVia ebooks click here:
 Username: saluda 
 Password: primary
How many books can students check out?
Kindergarten: One book.
First grade: One book
Second grade: One book during in room checkout.  We will resume 2 books per checkout when we return to the library for class time.
Can parents check out books too?
YES! Parents are allowed to check out three books per visit. Reading aloud to your child is so important and it's OK to read books that are above your child's reading level. Feel free to come check out books to read aloud at home. Please sign in at the Main Office to make sure that classes are not disturbed.
What day does my child visit the library?
Students are on a rotating schedule for related arts so library days change weekly.  The best way to keep up with a student's library book is to put it back in their bookbag when they finish reading it.
Students' Responsibility to Library policy
Students are responsible for the items they check out from the Media Center. 
When a book is overdue for over 2 weeks, an overdue notice will be sent home with the student. After the second notice, it will be assumed that the book is lost and a notice of the fee will be sent to the parent/guardian. Parents, if you receive an overdue notice regarding your child's library book, please help them look for the lost item. Prompt payment is appreciated so that your child can continue to check out books but we would much rather have the book returned!
Lost or damaged materials must be paid for before a student will be allowed to check out any additional books. If a student pays for a book and it is later found in good condition (during the current school year), the money will be refunded.
Reference materials do not circulate.
I'd like to volunteer!
Terrific, we can use all the help we can get. There are many opportunities for volunteering at the SPS Media Center. Just give us a call and we'll be happy to work something out with you. I really need someone to help with shelving perhaps on a weekly basis.
When is the book fair?
A Book Fair is held twice a year, usually in early December and then in March/April. Check the school calendar for exact dates.
Science Bob--cool science videos and stuff
ABCYA games
Lots of math activities and practice for Elementary age students.
Facts, pictures and activities about bugs.
Interactive mysteries for students to solve using skills in money, fractions, decimals and logic. From Scholastic.
Math Playground
NASA Kids Club
Peg + Cat Games
Math games for early elementary age students. Counting, shapes, measuring activities.
Educational reading and math games.
Steve Spangler Science experiments
Cool experiments given step by step instructions.